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Ore deposit description:

Identifier: MLI-00122
Name(s): Morila
Country(ies): MALI (Republic of Mali) -
NameProduction 3 year averageReserveResourceUnitClassOre type(s)
Gold100 24.40140160 tA Native-element ore. Oxide/hydroxide ore within the oxidized zone.
Main morphology: Discordant envelope of disseminated ore
Morphology(ies): Stockwork (or network) of stringers or veinlets (thickness < 50 cm), discordant on the strata - Discordant envelope of disseminated ore -
Deposit type(s): Shear / fault zone, vein; Ashanti-type - Granitoid-hosted vein, stockwork -
Host rock(s): Meta-volcaniclastic / volcanosedimentary rock - Meta-sediment - Granite (s.l.) -
Exploitation type(s): Open cast (open pit) mining -
MineralisationHost rock
Status: Producing deposit

Class definition: for the considered commodity, following its calculated total potential (passed production + reserves + resources), the ore deposit is classified into class A (very large deposit), B (large deposit), C (medium deposit), D (small deposit), E (occurrence), or N/A (no information available).
Used units are: t = metric ton (1000 kg), ct = carat

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